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Chrono Cross Menu Crash!

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If I try to access the status menu, the game freezes. Is there a work around for this? Also, what settings do you recommend with this game?

ePSXe 1.5.2.
Radeon 9700 Pro
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I should've mentioned that I use Pete's OpenGL2.6. I don't see an odd/even bit hack. I remeber getting the game to work with this plugin a long time ago though.
Odd/Even Special Fix is ON
Offscreen Drawing is 0

Anyone have any other ideas?
It still does this with -noauto. I tried lowering all the graphics settings. For some reason, this game worked a long time ago I remeber. Darn :(
I'm positive the emulator crashes (the FPS from fraps shows a constant 60, I left it there for a minute).

I tried using ePSXe 1.6.0. in combination with the OpenGl 1.75 plugin and now it works somehow, although the performance is still really slow in certain scenes even without framebuffer effects.
The game runs at a steady framerate, but there are noticeable slowdowns with certain effects on the screen (with both the D3D and OpenGL plugins).

An example of this early in the game: start a new game several times until you get the blue mermaid. Then walk around in the first area of the game. I think that 2D animation on her tail is what causes the slowdown. This is true for all effects in the game that are similar (and there are a lot of those).
WindHydra said:
Are you talking about Irenes? I don't remember 2D effects...oO What resolution are you running at (and did you install the catalyst driver)? It worked fine when I used OGL with 800MHz PIII and Geforce3TI200 at 640x480.

Hope it's not the cpu... 9700pro with <800MHz cpu? :heh:
The mermaid (Irenes) has a purple glittering effect at the end of her fin which I believe is causing the slow down, as are certain other effects like fire.
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