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Chrono Cross Lockup of Computer

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Hey, sorry if this has been talked about before, but I searched all the old threads and found nothing. Anyway, I have been playing CC fine for a while on ePSXe 1.2, but now my computer locks up totally and an annoying high pitched sound repeats after a few minutes of battling Dario (the battle where you get the Masamune after, in the small island hut). I am using savestates if that matters, and it seems software 1.5 of Pete's plugin lasts longer in battle before the lockup, but still it locks up every time after a while. Of course, I have tried rebooting and such, but still no luck.

My system is:
PIII 800
384 Ram
SB Live!
GeForce2 32 meg

ePSXe 1.2
internal sound plugin
Pete's 1.5 gpu plugins, mainly OpenGL
Pete's 1.4 cd plugin

I alos have another problem. Whenever the game does the neat blurring/zooming effects my FPS drops REALLY low, from about 130 to 15-25 and it stays that low until the effect is done. Is there some setting to fix this? I might be missing something really simple here, so please don't get too mad if so.

Anyway, any help would be great. Thanks for your time.
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Try disabling creative launcher this stoped my computer from crashing.
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