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Chrono Cross keeps crashing when I enter a battle! HELP!

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Everytime I try to talk with the village chief (for listening to his lecture), the game crashes for no obvious reasons! Arrghhh! Does anybody know any solution?
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you are using epsxe 1.5.2, correct?
are you playing from the disk or an image?
what format is it in? have you tried playing it from the disk instead to see if there is any difference?
is your disk PAL?
dont use 1.6.0 for CC, use 1.5.2. id explain it myself but since opcode errors are specifically addressed in the FAQ ill just link you to that.
right but the game has serious issues when running under 1.6.0, just switch the 1.5.2. technically, it can be run on 1.6.0, but the majority of users ive seen just cant get it to work right on that version. you can read this if you want to.
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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