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Chrono Cross keeps crashing when I enter a battle! HELP!

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Everytime I try to talk with the village chief (for listening to his lecture), the game crashes for no obvious reasons! Arrghhh! Does anybody know any solution?
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Same Prob

I have the EXACT same problem! So help would be great! It's weird, because in the starting area, that temple place, I was able to enter battle no probs!

Video Plugin: Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.76
Sound Plugin: Either "ePSXe SPU core 1.5.2"
"P.E.Op.S. Dsound Audio Driver 1.9"

When you enter a battle, the game crashes, and an error comes up saying:
"Closing core spu...
Closing gpu...
Shutdown gup...
Closing ISO system.
SPEC Opcode 01 UNK <OC 001f307c> <001f3074> <97844,26>"

I have tried changing SOME video and sound options, but nothing seems to work!

The rest of the game works fine apart from crashing at Battle start Animation.

I haven been playing Final Fantasy 9 with no problems.
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Yes, I'm using 1.5.2, I've tried it on 1.6, but it crashes the same.
and on 1.6 when I try to use an "Element" it lags hard out, so I find 1.5.2 better for Chrono Cross
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