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chrono cross & gamma

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So I'm sitting around the house sick right now and I decide hey I could go for a good game of Chrono Cross. So I get all setup and comfy, start it up, decide that wow yes I really do feel like sitting through the intro movie for once! Well after the first couple of lines of text display in it I hear one of those freakin "uh-oh!" messages from icq. So I sigh, esc out, and check the message. I come back and hit continue to resume my Chrono Cross fun. Pow, the intro fmv is now running with like the gamma pumped up like 4 or 5 times, everything looking washed out and grainy as all hell! Ok now I think that maybe I'm just being delirious and seeing things since I'm sick and all so I completely quit out and try it again. Gamma normal when I start up, esc out pop up icq (just for consistency) minimize, switch back to epsxe, and resume. Bling bling, same problem! Now my point to this amusing little story is that I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and/or fixed it. Never noticed it in any other games. Well here's my config, have a merry time toodooloo!

pete's opengl gpu 1.49
null2's sound 1.30 (because 1.35 sounds like crap in Chrono Cross and the internal gets notes stuck frequently which is bloody annoying oi)
running it from an iso
and the only gamma adjustment I do at all in windows as running Adobe's Gamma Loader at start-up, that's all.
geforce2 btw with 7.59 drivers or some number like that. the WHQL ones.
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Use pete dx6...
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