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Chrono Cross freeze; caused by CD, need favor. SOLVED, ty

Hey everyone,

My game of Chrono Chross, which I am running off of a legally owned copy using ePSXe, freezes right after winning the first battle against Fargo when he tranquilizes the party. After reviewing most of the pertinent threads on Chrono Cross, I have come to the conclusion that the problem is that my CD is scratched. The game has worked just fine up to this point, so I will cross my fingers and hope it continues to work after this point while I look into securing a new copy. However, I need someone's help...

Is there anyone to whom I could send my save state who could run my game past this point and then send the save state back to me? You would only have to run the game for a minute or so to get past the point it freezes, and my save state is JUST before this happens.

I would be very, very appreciative. Please email me at if you can help me.



For your convenience, I uploaded my save state, available at

***second edit***

Sorry!! I posted the wrong save state before. I have fixed it. Correct save state available at the same URL, reposted 00:49 EST Feb. 5

***final edit***

Problem has been solved. A bucket of gratitude to Guyver2K5 for replying so promtly; I had a functional game about thirty minutes after my post. NGEMU ROCKS!

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sure i can help ya out :)

ill try and get a hold of ya

Edit: or if you could just upload the savestate here or else where so i can get it :)

***EDIT**ok check ur email, i sent it as an attachment :D


**To ur final Edit** Im Here to help :D-, im glad i could help, if u need anything else just ask :)

Cheers, Guyver
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