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First of all i'll start by saying hello and thank you because this site has helped lots of times.

But lately i've been having weird issues with chrono cross and the text (dialogs). With pete's OGL2 2.8 or 2.9 plugins the text seemed doubled or something like that (will show with pictures after that) whereas with the 1.76 the text is simply perfect.

Now my question is simple, what the heck is happening between the two plugins that keeps me from having the results of the 1.76 with the 2.8 ?

Not sure if it's clear but that's been bothering me for some nights...

first the 2.8/2.9 config

now the 1.76 config

the result with 2.9

and the result with 1.76

And on top of that i just noticed that the face of serge is distorted. I tried every config possible but the best result is with 1.76. Now i know you'll say "just stay with the 1.76" but i just want to understand.

Thank you for your time and your help.

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faces will be distorted regardless.
the text is caused by the high level of filtering.
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