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chrono cross and speed limit

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I have a problem. I´m playing chrono chross and I have set
the fps limiting to automatic. Fps seems to be 60 per sec but
still when I´ll go to battle it feels more like 12 Fps. For some
reason epsxe can´t calculate Fps right.

my system:

Amd athlon thunderbird 800 Mhz
380 Mb 133 Mhz dimm Memory
asus Geforce 2 Gts
Sb live value soundcard

by the way. if I´ll set fps limit myself I can get ferfect gamespeed
but all game music´s are running wrong speed and all game demos
running too fast
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In battle, normally the game are slow down including music...i think you better use pete's dx6 to reduce this...just try...maybe it work...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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