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Sonic Unleashed Ending was sooooooo sad for me!
I wish chip wouldn't sleep in the core once again for a million years to save the day :mad: , I wish he came back with sonic and stayed with him.

hopefully we will see him in the Seqel

I Beaten the PS2 Version btw.

What do you think? Maybe they will create a Seqel that shows Chip Return and Maybe dies while Helping sonic Save the world afterall they said the werehog system may return :) also sign if you will miss chip/light gaia.

Sonic Unleashed is a great game and now i don't get it when people say that sonic is going down hill... its Awesome to be honest.
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sorry , should habe included a warning :eyemove:

any ways , any one who played and finished this game tell me what you think of it :yawn:
You can wrap the text in spoiler tags like so:

[/ spoiler]

Just cut and paste the spoiler text between the spoiler tags and remove the space between the slash and the "s" in the second spoiler tag.

You'll end up with something like this:

See? :)
Thanks! , I am just new here
Started a week ago ;)

I will make sure I will use this next time when I include any game spoilers in my post ;)
Lesson #2: There's an edit button in the bottom right corner of each post, to the left of the Quote button. You can edit your first post for practice if you'd like :)

A belated welcome to the forums btw.
I know about the edit button.
Alright man :)

How's this Sonic game btw, by accident I read today that Sonic Unleashed is one of the more old school Sonic games of late.
it was [email protected]
its not old and its 3D , they made a Mobile version of it in 2D Mode though. ;)

its pretty cool and a little emotional at the story side lol
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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