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Chinese World of Warcraft Coke Commercial

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An Orc and Three Chinese Elves

The promotion is quite direct.

This ranks up there with the weirder Japanese commericals I have seen.
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Nah the FFIX coca cola commercial was better xD
ehh, that link takes me to meet hot girls for free what's up with that? :D
I fixed up the link. Somehow the auto phasing of the link didn't work correctly.

Update: The link doesn't work when you click on it.

Copy the link onto a new browser window.
pfft, why are orcs the bad guys, as far as i could tell when i played it the alliance were the aggressive raiding a**holes :p
Alliance is full of bnet kiddies, I must admit. Which is partially why I played alliance so I could tip the balance :).
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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