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Check this card.

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a very nice card for a very beautiful :p price.
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Oh yes, the Wildcat. I looked at that one a year or so back ^_^ I just wonder how it would run games ... It's meant for developers and 3D modelers right? Doom 3 and Lightwave are 2 very different types of 3D ;)
Could someone please explain in commoner's words why those sky-high-priced workstation cards won't run games any faster than the ones intended for uh, people like us? Thanks.
Cos its prolly meant to handle 3D developing apps much better than normal Cards, nothing more.. nothing else.
yeah, they are designed for high precision rendering rather than speed
Yeah, the card is NOT for gaming at all. It scores extremely low in game benchmarks and excells in workstation (maya, 3dsmax, etc) apps.
becoz it not meant for real time 3d,where everything will be render after player reach certain places...but for 3d movie rendering and anything like,give it to this wildcat...
Also remember that these cards VPUs have been engineered with certain code paths for both OpenGL and DX9 specifically for development rather than games. Also the drivers will be another deciding factor to the cards capabilities as well.

i still have a 3D labs permedia2 pci brought few years ago. This gaming card
have the ability to accerlate 3D developing apps.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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