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Does ePSXe use gameshark codes or any other type of codes? If so, how do use them.
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nobody knows if there are cheats or not..... this forum is deserted!!!
if you want to take the easy way out, i suggest you use PEC (
it works very well

and take it easy, theres not someone here every minute just for you ;)
Double posting is not allowed, nor is it bumping. If you have something important to add, use the edit button. Otherwise, just wait, if someone has the answer, he/she will eventually post it.
yikes, you barely waited a half hour...have some patience!
naw, im not... well if u think about it, yes i kind of am :lol: but PEC, never heardo f that emu before, so does that mean ePSXe does not let u use cheats at all?

CORRECTION: PEC is that psx emu cheater program,right? One problem, i dont know how to use it!!! Anyone know how to use the cheats.. and just to let u know im trying to find cheats for Final Fantasy 7.
PEC (playstation emulation cheater) is basically a video plugin wrapper. You put in your plugins folder for epsxe, then select it as your video plugin. In the config menu for the pec plugin, you can then select your actual video plugin. When you are running the actual game, start the main PEC program and select/activate your cheats.

Read the readme for PEC for more details/instructions.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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