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cheats make ff9 slow hmmm........

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well been playing ff8 awhile now at disk 2. and im startin to get tired of stoopid monsters on da map. so i tried a cheat for it with pec.. :mad: at the battle screens after that show the exp and stuff it will slow down :( it will take like 40 seconds to get thru it. anyone kno how to use cheats without this slowdown??
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You won't get exp that way, though. :p

try running the game and the gameshark codes using VGS + PEC. Maybe it'll eliminate the slowdown. I used the PC version thoug, so no cheats for me. ;)

...and no, I'm not gonna use the Griever utility either. ;)
Originally posted by Ryos
> You won't get exp that way, though.

Who needs experience in FF8? Everything is the same level Squall is, so you can run away at leisure. This does not apply to FF9, but FF9's battles don't commonly take 5+ minutes.

You can say that again. :eyes: those Ruby Dragons and Malboros are TUFF without Lion Heart or Selphie's Rapture/Quistis' Degenerator....gonna take you 10 minutes or so just using normal attacks.
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