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Cheat file versioning

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One thing that I noticed about the PC cheat files is that the format changed between 1.72 and the 1.80 beta (with the addition of rawaddress in CheatsData), yet the version number (the version variable that is written to the file in cheatsSaveCheatList() in Cheats.cpp) remains the same. Is there something else that is supposed to tell the two versions of cheat files apart?

Currently, the Mac version doesn't save cheats, although I'm planning to write one based on an XML format. I ask as I do plan to have the ability to import and export PC cheat lists.

A side question: do the PC saves store numbers in big or little endian format? Since endianness issues was what kept encrypted CBA codes from working on the Mac, I'd rather be on the safe side.
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Saves are in little endian format as they existed before the port to other platforms was done.
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