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I was hacking my Pokémon Stadium cartridge and found some awesome cheats. That's not the point. I found out that there are 8-bit and 16-bit codes using 80XXXXXX XXXX and 81XXXXXX XXXX respectively. Also there is the GS button to activate the code once. That code is 88XXXXXX XXXX for I believe just 8-bit codes. Is there a 16-bit GS button code? If so would it go something like this? 89XXXXXX XXXX
Yes that should be correct!

Although you seem to be targeting the first 2 hex numbers. The internal command is actually based on the first 3 numbers. So it would be something like: 881XXX?? YYYY (881XXXXX XXXX) & 891XXX?? YYYY (891XXXXX XXXX)...


Now you've noticed how I have divided the code into C,X,? and Y, that really means nothing in general, I just prefer to split the code up in order to understand it better. But each game will work in it's own accord. Generally the focus lies in the XXX?? whereby the CCC are the command :p .... YYYY tends to represent what I like to call Strength-Setting because more often than not, if this code is effected by a change in value, generally it effects the property of the code in such a way that the outcome is either enhanced or decreased in some shape...


  • CCC ------------------ Command
  • XXX ------------------ Locator
  • ?? -------------------- Property
  • YYYY ---------------- Strength
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