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Changing Discs

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Hi, I am playing Chrono Cross on Psxeven, and it doesn't seem to work when I change discs. I've tryed the force disc change option but that only causes the program to crash. I've also tryed the following Cd plugins, CDR Mooby (the game won't even load with CDR Mooby), CDR Sapu, Xeven's CDR Plugin, and P.e.op.s CDR, none of which seem to work.
So if anyone can help me with the disc changing process I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank You
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Save to memcard
Quit emu
Reload emu.
Start second disc
Load save from memcard
you cant do that with chrono cross; it doesnt let you save between discs.

instead, load your last save in ePSXe 1.5.2. and switch discs with that.
I'm actually having a similar and somewhat more interesting problem. Or actually a set of problems.

1. I cannot access the cd from PSXeven, I'm playing using .iso and .bin files ripped from my original discs.
2. Pressing esc crashes the program.

How would you suggest I go about swapping disks in games? I know the FF series allows saves between disks but I also want to play Chrono Cross and Parasite Eve 2.
Try using ePSXe instead since you are having problems with PSXeven.
when you press escape what error do you get? and what happens with ePSXe or PCSX?
I don't get an error, it simply crashes to desktop without a message. I have not so far managed to get epsxe working and I have bad experiences with PCSX (it crashed about 1/10 of the way though FFIX at the same point every time, Chorno Cross menus were 3FPS,ect).

EDIT: I should extrapolate some stuff. This is (IMHO) the best emulator for PSX gaming, additionally it's the only one that I have gotten working so far. The reason for my problems is that I'm actually running the thing in Cedega on Ubuntu linux. I have to load from "cd" with the Mooby2 disk image driver because clicking on Load ISO crashes to desktop. No other cd plugin will work.

I'm aware there is an epsxe for linux however I get a black screen and the process has to be terminated manually from the system manager. Additionally I have heard it crashes in the "Dabu Village" area just like PCSX.

I was thinking of pointing the emulator to .cue and .bin files called a, then when I want to change disks I can simply overwrite these files. Would that work?
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