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Changing discs when using a frontend.

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Hi, I tried searching but didn't find anything relevent. What I'm wondering is how would one go about changing discs in a game such as FF7 when you're using disc images.

Since I'm using Delta, hitting escape will just quit instead of throwing me back to the epsxe gui, where I could go about changing discs. From what I can see, the workarounds involve either turning off the "Bypass Epsxe's Gui" menu item and loading the game manually from there so I can goto the gui when I need to change the disc; or, using a program like Daemon tools and tabbing out of the game to switch discs when it asks for the change.

Is there another way of doing this that I might have overlooked?
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No. I don think so.
Well, if the game supports saving to memcard before changing disks you can save, then exit. Now change thte disks, start the game again and load the memcard save.

Apart from this method and the one that you already mentioned, there's not a lot else one can do, sorry.
I basically tried that with Parasite Eve 2. It works as Disc 1 covers the part till Aya leaves Dryfield while Disc 2 begins just before leaving Dryfield.
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