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Changing "CDs"

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I'm playing Chrono Cross in .iso (yes, I have the CDs, but I prefer to run it in .iso cause it's faster), and I made two iso files, chronocrosscd1 and chronocrosscd2, but now I came to a part in which I have to change to cd2, but I don't know how to do it!!! Please help me, I'm really excited about this game and I don't wanna stop playing...
I even played this last part with the CD1, and then changed to the CD2... my idea was to do it and then get out of the game and start playing with the iso again, but it didn't work also...
I apreciate any help...
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Press ESC to go back to the menu. then File--> Change CD
you need to go by the menu if you want it to work
emm... press ESC, you'll go back to menu, then file --> change iso.

or if it doesn't want to work, use deamon tools, mount second cd, should work too
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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