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NOTE: This abstract is almost identical to the Super Gameboy one for obvious reasons.
A while back I began work on my FPGABoy project (a complete clone of the original GameBoy as a system-on-a-chip implementation on FPGA.) I have mostly completed the project since then (most GB original games run almost flawlessly on FPGABoy) with just a few minor things left to be done, including bug fixes and completing the sound core. Anyway, this page is not about FPGABoy; it is about hacking actual GameBoy’s and dumping their boot ROMs!
There was great news in the GB scene a short while ago, when Neviksti from CherryRom forums announced that he had been able to extract the BIOS image from the original GameBoy by decapping the chip, staining the ROM, and using a really powerful microscope to individually resolve and read out each bit one by one.
There are many other variants of the GameBoy however, namely the GameBoy Pocket, the Super GameBoy, and the GameBoy Color, all whose boot ROM images [strike]have[/strike] had not been dumped. My goal is to dump these remaining boot ROMs electrically (no chip decapping or microscopes.) Almost a week ago, I managed to dump the Super Gameboy’s boot ROM by using a well-timed clock glitch. The Gameboy Color proved itself considerably more challenging and it took me several days before I finally managed to get it to fork over its precious boot ROM data! This just leaves the Gameboy Pocket, Super Gameboy 2, and the really rare Gameboy Light. Donations for the cause of science anyone? Shoot me an e-mail.
Not providing a link because of obvious reasons..... if you want to read the rest you can find his blog by searching for FPGB (FPGABoy)
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