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Well, at least I don't have to ask if you got my version with the GUI tweaks and additional instructions (I can see you did). So my question goes straight to... What kind of codes have you tried using? In that long thread, I at one point made a couple posts explaining why some codes don't work, and figuring out on a per-game basis how to make most of them work.

To start, you would need to do searches to find a simple money code (would take only a couple minutes at most, so fairly simple). Find that, and compare the code to the official one (since if the game has money, I'm sure there's official money codes for it... lol). If not money, anything that's numerical and easily controlled would work (or even just anything with values that are easily manipulated, like health, number of items, etc... anything you can also find an "official" code for).
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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