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celica 2001 vs eclipse '98

  • celica 2001

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celica 2001 vs eclipse 98

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hey, what do u guys think about the new toyota celica [2001 model]. I was thinking of working this summer and selling an eclipse 98 to pay the difference to a new celica. is it worth it? or do u ppl have any other suggestiong for a car between $15-$18,000?
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Personally I would get the Celica. Not that there's any probem with the Eclipse but If had a Mitsubishi I would get The 3000GT those are beauties. I personally have a 2000 Focus wagon that after some small difficulties, I now love. It was about $20,000 but it has just about every extra there is other then a sunroof. Looks like your into sports cars though :p
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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