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I'm not too familiar with the plugins, but the only ones that I have are:

Linuzappz Iso cdvd 0.7.0
P.e.o.p.s cdvd (CDDA Mod) 1.3.0
cdvd null 0.6.0
usbnull 0.5.0

Apparently after searching around the linuz plugin is used for iso files and the peops for cd. I have the actual cd for Persona 3 FES edition but it doesn't seem to be recognized if I use linuz plugin, it only shows the two memory cards and no actual CD. On the other hand, if I use peops and use the cd the emulator will notify me that there is an error. Lately when I use it the emulator doesn't even show the error and just crashes.

The drive I am using is listed as a dcd/r/w/labelflash and I'm running this on vista 64 bit if it can shed any light on my situation.
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