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CDRWin problem....

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Just recently, I tried to make an Iso of Tekken 3 and during the extracting process, it stops at around 70% and says, I had ran out of C drive space. So I cleared up 2 gigs hoping that it would fix the problem, but it didn't. Can someone please tell my why it's doing that? I have around 6 gigs free in my hard drive. Is that enough? Anyways, if 6 gigs isn't enough, I can probably get it up to 8 gigs.

My Specs.
192 RAM
50x cdrom
Philips CD 3610 burner
17 gig hd w/6 gig free
TNT2 M64 model
SB 128

:( :( :( :( :(
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An ISO shouldn't take up more than 750Mb. I don't know why you would get that problem, but try using the settings in the below pic to try again.
again, those colors ;)
just kidding m8 ;)

it can be a CDrwin problem
im not saying u did this but cdrwin has a copy protection sistem that ruins every cd u burn if u regist it w/ a wrong or pirate CD key. I havent experienced this, but maybe it does the same thing w/ isos.
try isobuster and see if it works...
That's my color scheme:) Here's my desktop, but it really looks better than this. I changed the pic to a GIF, which loses some color info, to save space. All those toolbars auto hide BTW.

Oh yeah if you have a pirated version of CDRwin it won't mess up a ISO(don't ask how I know). I don't know about it messing up a CD, but I wouldn't doubt that Neojag is right.
hey, thats a nice desktop :cool:
i dont have mine much personalized, u know, i give it all for the spee ;)
but maybe ill be getting a 1.2 GHz Tbird one of these days :cool:
my advice (although probably not worth much) is if you just want to make an iso download ISO BUSTER. this program is so simple and runs perfectly, i've had NO problems using it, it free and small. :cool:
So I've just used Isobuster to make a .bin file of the 1st disc of the Final Fantasy 9. I have the original that i bought for the PSX, but my psx is worn out, and I want to play this on my PC. I am using EpsxE to play, and it runs fine off the original disc, but I would like to make a backup as I have of all my other CD-Rom games. Can somebody explain how in heck you patch this bin file ?? and which program you use to durn it to a CD-R ?? ( can i use EZ CD creator?)

I have downloaded PPF-O-Matic, and several different so called PPF files, but PPF-O-Matic alway's say's that the files size is different than the original .bin that I have made with Isobuster, and I am wondering where do I find the propper PPF file for this? or am I doing something wrong?
For .BIN/.CUE files you have to use CDRWIN, FireBurner or Diskjuggler(there may be other but those are the main ones). Patched BIN files should burn properly using the original CUE files.

BTW, why do you need to patch it?
I'd use clone cd myself as its easy and fast for me..
Just use these settings
Read to Image=
Read Subchannel Data from Data Tracks ON
Read Subchannel Data from Audio Tracks ON

Write with option=
Don't repair subchanel data

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