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CDROM Speed down

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When I play Final Fantasy VIII, during a GF summon the cd-rom speeds down. after the GF sequence the game freezes while the cdrom speeds up again. any fix or setting to change the time a cdrom speeds down, or should i just make an ISO and be done with it?
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Normally the isos wouldn't be a problem, but I prefer to only have one iso from the game on my HDD at the same time. I am experimenting with a way to beat the game without using the GF's and of course like the true fanboy that I am, I already started over again. The iso will probable be the permenant solution, as I cannot seem to use the "change cd" function reliuably (it always comes back "wrong disk" and I have to shut down the emu and switch disks.
like they said iso's r the best solution to emulator speed and non chipyness(wutever)
ISO's fantastic if u have a drive that can make them, or the disk isn't protected with bad sectors etc etc (my drive dosn't support RAW, or DAO properly :( )
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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