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CDR plugins and WinNT Accounts

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Hi there!. I guess this has already been answered but I haven't found any one yet. I can perfectly configure and run any of these great PSX emulators, but for some reason, none of them boots any CD when working with non-admin Windows accounts even in Win2000 or XP. I guess this is ralated to CD plugins and user's rights in the OS itself, but I'd want a PSX emu to run in a 'safe' account as I do with some other console emus. Hope anybody can point me to a plugin that can handle this. I guess it doesn't happen to ISO plugins, but I'd prefer to run the games from the discs themselves. Thanks in advanced, guys.
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Sorry, but there isn't one I'm afraid. I don't think it's possible either.

That said there is a workaround (although it's not perfect). Goto (the authors of the nero cd recording software) and download the "burn rights" patch. IIRC you don't need to have nero on your machine to install it. Once installed, change the user's status from "limited" to "burn rights". Cd plugins will now work. However the downside is that so will any cd recording programs.
Thanks. that's the kind of answer anybody looks for in a forum. No problem with burning rights, at least in my case.
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