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CDex 1.51 Problem wrighting ID3 Tags

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this is really annoying, i just ripped a cdr using Cdex , I have the path name configured the way i want it. but it does NOT write out the id3 tags. i Just checked them all with winamp. its compleatly blank. although cddb gave me the correct information on the cd. and has it in their almost correctly, im still not geting the tags.

i miss something?
the only thing i can think of why its doing this is the information i got from cddb on the cd wasnt tagged properly, which happens ALOT while using cdex oO

help plz? :innocent:


wait.. i know what its doing, its wrighting V2 tags, not 1 oO most my software reads of id3v1 tags. is their a way to change this
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In the Generic Tab in the Options, you'll see under the File Tag Options Section a drop down that probably says IDv2. I'd change it so that it says IDv1 & IDv2. That way it'll write both tags and have basically full compatibility with pretty much all software. I hope this helps.
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