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Hey guys,

I've got this problem where the games (currently only GT2 and Knockout Kings 2001) are "pausing" for like 2 seconds every once in a while in the middle of gameplay. It's like my CD-ROM is trying to catch up to the action or something. I have a P3 800 w/ 128 ram, Geforce 256 DDR, toshiba xm-6702B cd-rom, using epsxe with Pete's Open GL, Pete's CDR ASPI, Null2 .......

I've tried all of the different CD-ROM plugins but the problem still arises. Could it be a setting in windows that i have to change? Or could it be just a config thing in epsxe.........

Thanx in advance

Try using Pete's CD Rom plugin version 1.3 It has a speed limiter that you can set at 2x speed which is the spped of an actual PSX CD unit. I did this and it fixed Gauntlet Legends so that it plays perfectly. Give it a try and see if it helps.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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