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CD ROM problems

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Recently I have been trying to run chrono cross from a burned cd on epsx, and it will work up until I get to the point of confirming the main character's name (none of the actual game play will start). I'm using pete's cdrom plugin v1.7. The errors usually say "win2k buf error" or "read error in 000123abc". I'm assuming it's a cdrom problem, but am looking for some any input on this problem. My system specs are as follows:

Windows XP prof.
733 mhz
256 mb RAM
48x DVD rom drive
8x/4x/32x burner

I know some of you may be anxious to say it's a win xp error, but before I upgraded from win 98, I had a similar problem as well. Thanks in advance for any help as it is appreciated.

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Try the epsxe cd plug-in. Try the original cd or try making an iso from the original. Have you tried both of your drives?
Yeah, I've tried all those options you've posted: using my burner drive, and using the default plugins, nothing seems to work for me. I tired making an iso of it, but I got a load of "bad sector" I guess it's a bad cd copy - which is real weird since at one point it worked fine for me, until one day I got to a fmv clip and it just blacked out and hasn't worked since.

Sounds like another one of those nefarious scratched up cds.
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