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well, not really a problem, it's more of a nuisance. whenever i'm playing a game like FFVIII or FFIX, there will usually be a pause in between screens/battles because it seems the dvd drive on my notebook likes to get "lazy".

for instance, if i immediately go from one screen to the next, it'll load fine without any pause/lag. however, if i go into a screen and talk to a few people or don't do anything and then move onto the the next screen/menu/battle, there will be a pause during transition.

however, my home computer doesn't have this problem. is there a way around this without having to create isos? i wouldn't mind doing it if i had a 40 gig hard drive stuck in there.

btw, i'm using peops cd plugin v.1.4. i got force aspi 1.7 installed and it's interface is aspi mode. i got it in async read with the extra 4 MB data cache.

anybody have suggestions?

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haha, your drive isnt getting lazy, its just spinning down :p

make sure your laptop is plugged in (else it will suck power like crazy) and use something (Nero DriveSpeed comes to mind) to keep the drive from spinning down.
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