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CD Audio problem in Gran Turismo 2?

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Lewpy Glide for Voodoo3
Null2 sound
Internal CDROM plugin(Pete's seem to slow it down for me)

First it seemed like it was my sound setting, so I tried buffer length and blocks in all combos with no luck. SPU IRQ Hack doesn't seem to matter.

Sound effects are ok but the background music is killing me. On the map, things are "ok" until I choose a race and I'm at the "before the race" screen. Then it's really choppy like "beep -- beep -- beep ..." and when the race actually starts, it's like "ba ba ba ba ba ...". Looking at my cd rom drive, it looks as if it's reading a single note at a time turning on and off, starting and stoping, etc.

Any ideas?
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Use the internal spu.. Enable all the sound options in epsxe.. The "before the race screen" is slow... Try setting your resolution to 640x480.. set framebuffer to "write" and Off screen drawing to "basic".. It should speed it up.. If not, then it's probably your system.. Post your system specs and lets see..

Is only the sound choppy? Or is the graphic slow too? Your cd rom blinking slowly is correct.. That is normal.. If its blinking really fast, then there is something wrong with either the cd(scratched) or your cd rom drive.. If its not blinking at all and you are staring at a black screen, then your cd rom has become idle.. Some cd rom drives do that..
I tried your suggestions with no avail.

Maybe it is my system:

AMD K6-III 400 with 160MB RAM
Voodoo3 2000 PCI <--- yes PCI

the thing is the game itself is playable without the background music. I get constant ~45 fps across all resolutions starting from 320x200 to 1024x768. That's weird.

And I've tried couple of other games as well.
Tekken 3 has exactly the same problem. Maybe worse since every 5 seconds it will stop and continue.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo and Final Fantasy Tactics are un-playable. FPS is around ~19. Understandable if we assume that my machine is too slow since Voodoo3 is a 3D card not a 2D.

Will you be confirming that my machine is too slow and I am going to have to wait until I get a new machine to use ePSXe?
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uhmm try to play it from an ISO, it might help
I have a Pioneer 105S DVD and a Mitsumi CDR which both of them rate at 40x and 16x+ respectively for CDs I think.

ISO's might help but I am not too fond of having all my CDs living on my hard drive.:confused:
i don't know if this is going to do any good but.....
have you tried a differend snd plugin??
mine's alrite..
just that it runs slow......but that was before i messed with my plugins and stuff.....
don't know if it runs smoother now...
anyways....'s my specs for my comp
win 98 p3 500mhz
256mb ram Creative 3d blaster savage4
creat snd blaster live value

sorry if i wasn't any help to you..
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try the old plugin segud3d and null2 spu or seal audio(some sound p/b)

it works great on slow machine even in 1024x768 is playable
ummm.... maybe I missed it, but whats your average FPS??
the Audio is not CD audio, it's xa audio, which means it has to be decoded and takes CPU time. If your average FPS are under 60 (Ntsc) or 50 (PAL) then your xa audio will be choppy, no fixing it.
It's a simple matter of not haveing enough horses under the engine to do everything at once.

Ok just reread and saw 45FPS. Not going to cut it for XA. and since 45 is for all resolutions your CPU is definately the bottle neck. FPS should increase at lower Resolutions.
Thanks everybody but it looks like i'm gonna have to wait until I get a new computer:(
Well, good luck to you guys!
sorry dude...
Good thing though, you can get a MB, Athlon 1.2 gig and case pretty cheap now. If your ram is PC 133 you'd not even need to change it... simple dump all your current Hd's, Cd, ram , etc into the new case and go.... It's a cheaper upgrade than going full out.
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