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It's a sprite based game, so PEOpS Soft is one of the best options.

I played most of it with Pete's OGL2, Internal resolutions (high, high) and 2xSal high-res texture mode.
Then, some scaling shader that I don't remember.

But unless you want to use some shader, you should use PEOpS Soft.

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Help needed.

I've got a problem with this game too. I've tried many custom shaders to make it look as good as possible. Spent about 5-6 hours trying to configure this game so far.

Peops soft doesn't look as good as pete's opengl2, but in opengl2 Alucard gets very blurry in his mid part (legs to chest area). Software is much sharper in general, wish I could smoothen the edges a bit but still have that software rendering picture sharpness.

I'll post what I'm currently using, help would be GREATLY appriciated (current shader is natural).

Also how does soft plugin work? Afaik it's not used?


not sure if the blur is visuable on a frozen screen (the particular one i mentioned)
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