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I have cvania Chronicles, and when I play the ORIGINAL mode, after killing the 1st boss, the game counts time remaining and -sometimes- the remaining hearts and then it FREEZES... On the other hand the ARRANGE mode runs fine! What could be wrong???
Should I try any special fixes??? any ideas?
And, I tried VGS 140 and it freezes too...
BTW: This cvania game kicks ass!!! it rox!

My config is:

[email protected] + Diamond 440BX m/b
512MB Ram
CL GeForce2 GTS ---> Pete's OGL 1.50
SB Live! ---> internal epsxe SPU
CD-ROM: I run a bin/cue with Daemon Tools 2.70 (iso release... no way it is corrupted)

Thanx in advance,
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