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Greetings, everyone!
I recently caught a bad case of "retro fever", wanting to play some games I remember fondly from my youth. I'm running an HP ACPI x64-based PC laptop that I bought in 2018, with an Intel Core i7 quadcore processor and an Intel HD Graphics 620 card. For some reason, the ePSXe emulator is the only one that will run well. I've tried multiple different emulators for two days, but none of them run as well as this one.
Anyway, the issue I'm having is that when I try to play the Carnage Heart game ROM, the opening movie plays great, but when I press any button on the controller it freezes, and if I let it run to the end, it freezes before showing the start, load, or versus options. The same thing happens when I try to play from the disc (yes, I still have the original game discs with no scratches! lol). The Mission Briefing plays, both ROM and disc, but not the game itself.
I'm sorry if this has been discussed in a previous post; I scrolled through eighty pages of threads without seeing one word about Carnage Heart, but it's possible I didn't go far enough. I truly don't understand why the game won't play, Warzone 2100 works just fine, both ROM and disc, but not CH....weird....
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