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Finding the elusive (!) Capture Card (not related to Sakura)

1) In Windows 9x, press the "Windows key" the one with the logo and the pause key. Easy and long way? Start -> Config. -> Control Panel -> System. In both press the "Device Manager" Label or button (in Windows 2000 I think is a button)

Check in the Sound & Game Devices, in my case I've a BT878 (BrookTree) appears as: BrookTree Fusion/Audio Capture Device and BrookTree Fusion/Video Capture Device

ANOTHER kinda stupid way I figured out finishing the post... look in the back of your PC... if there is a cable connector... 99% it's a Capture Card.

2) Checking the "type" is kinda difficult, I use the brute way... open your PC and check for a card with a cable/antenna connector and take a look at the chip (the big flat black square with white letters, DONT TOUCH IT!!) take notes of everything and search the web.

3) If you don't have one... I suggest (I think I'll start a Hot Discussion here) a BT Chipset card, which one?.. the one compatible with your current video card. (If it's a SIS 620... you're doomed) they are cheap, have a decent quality and are the most compatible with the software cable descramblers... ehem... did I say that?... ehem... nevermind.. you did not hear it from me.... ;)

Good Luck.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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