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Capcom Fighting Jam/Evolution

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This game has been out for a while, but since I heard next to nothing about it, I decided to see if there were reviews on the net; well, there were, and man, that must've been the most negative collection of reviews I've ever seen for a capcom fighter. Does anyone here have it/played it and is it really that bad? As KOF releases on the consoles generally get much better reviews....
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sounds like Mugen.
I know the Capcom vs SNK series were pretty much copy/paste fighters already, but those had new offerings; from what I've read, this seems to be completely "thrown together" , with the exception of one character named Ingrid (who looks like Karin?).

So that leaves SF3 Third Strike the best looking Capcom Fighter ever made ;)
speaking of Mugen; I really should try that again some day.
I had some huge version with way too many characters in it once.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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