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Capcom Fighting Jam/Evolution

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This game has been out for a while, but since I heard next to nothing about it, I decided to see if there were reviews on the net; well, there were, and man, that must've been the most negative collection of reviews I've ever seen for a capcom fighter. Does anyone here have it/played it and is it really that bad? As KOF releases on the consoles generally get much better reviews....
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Well I was lucky enough to see it ^^ . The game has old sprites, well even KOF has old sprites be redited to give some touches or new moves. But this one has completely Zero effort for sprites (Z E R O) . Obs but may be Leo and otehr characters from Red earth were redrawn, but since i've not seen it I can't tell.
Stages are ok some are innovative some just aren't. The roster wasn't so bad but some characters should have been there.
And before I forget. The characters aren't drawn with the same style. For example Demitri is the same from Vampire Saviour series, Guy is the same from SF alpha, while Ryu has his CVS sprite. Which gives a strange look.
Some one's review (Frankie Yagami) made me notice something too. The cameos appearing at the BG look like posters :p .

Gameplay wasn't that bad, on the contrary it was as good as many other capcom games (maybe not that unique but still good)

Overall : A Mugen game ??
Actually Ingrid was supposed to be a new character for Capcom fighting all stars which was 3d fighter but cancelled :( . Anyway it was the same concept as this game but 3d.
but had some good models (go strider hiryuu)
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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