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Capcom announces two new classic game collections (Xbox)

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"At it's recent Gamer's Day, Capcom announced that it will release two new collections of classic games for console systems: Mega Man X Collection and Capcom Classics Collection. These two titles come after the success of the PS2 and GameCube's Mega Man Anniversary Collection and the same game's upcoming release on Xbox.

Mega Man X Collection brings together the first six Mega Man X titles on one handy disc. The first three X games first appeared on SNES, X4 on PlayStation and Saturn, and X5 and X6 on PlayStation. Although the quality of the last two titles is somewhat dubious (OK, X6 sucked), the remaining four titles were quite good and should please fans of the Blue Bomber's futuristic adventures. "

"Not much is known about Capcom Classics Collection except that it will contain over 20 classic Capcom arcade games. A few years ago, the company released a classics series in Japan called Capcom Generations for PlayStation and Saturn. Each of these discs contained a few games from popular Capcom franchises such as Ghosts 'n' Goblins, Commando, and 1942. No doubt some of these titles will be contained within the Classics Collection, but considering that there will be more games in this collection than in the Capcom Generations, we don't have to worry about this being a mere rehash of previous compilations.

Again, no specific titles have been announced at this time, but sadly, we won't be seeing any of Capcom's licensed arcade titles like Willow or Alien vs. Predator (at least on this collection). It has also been hinted that there may be at least one NES title in the collection -- one that was superior to the arcade version. We can only guess that this would be Bionic Commando, but we weren't given any confirmation.

Capcom hasn't announced what system these two collections will be released on, but considering how well Mega Man Anniversary Collection sold on PS2 and GameCube, those seem like obvious choices. Perhaps if MMAC performs well on Xbox, these titles will come to that as well."

Interesting. Considering the Mega Man collection sells for $30, either of these two packs will be worth $30 as well, IMSHO. The SNES Mega Man X3 still sells for $100 on EBAY *dammit I wish I'd have bought it used for $7 when I spotted in at a Giant Eagle Grocery Store! LOL *

Any thoughts on this?
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Dude, the mega man X series was my favorit on the SNES! now all i need is an xbox... :p
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