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hi all,
i am trying to play GT2 on epsxe 1.2 but for a reason that i don't know when i go to race i can't turn left or right all keys are working well inside the game interface but as soon as i enter to a track i loose steering all other keys are working ok i've tried GT1 and it's the same problem. i have no other PS games to try.
i am using pete's opengl 1.5 and dsound 1.8 and bios scph 7502
this problem is occuring with the keyboard and my gamepad and btw my controlller type is set to analog\digital.
my pc specs are:
celeron 633 @ 920mhz, geforce3 , sblive value, 192 mb ram and all the other basic stuff.
thanks in advance
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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