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I deleted the memcard2 file from the memcard folder in pcsx2, leaving only 1 memory card file in there.
I go into MyMC and it still gives me the same error for memcard1, but THIS time it is showing memcard 2 there and it is even opening it!?!? It opens in mymc (the file doesn't even exist, I deleted it, it doesn't show it in the ps2 browser either) and it lets me import and it shows my saves in there as well... Wtf...
My guess is that you've got an old installation of PCSX2 somewhere on your hard drive, and you've been using mymc with the memory card images in that directory instead of the new directory. Check the full path name in mymc's title bar to see if it matches the location where you've installed the version of PCSX2 that you're using.

Another problem that you might have run into is that mymc will you let you import certain broken save files, but won't show it in the GUI afterwards if it looks corrupt. If you previously imported a broken save file, you won't be able to import a fixed version because it will already exist, it's just hidden in GUI. You can use the command line version (mymc.exe) see if there's a broken version of the save file already imported. You can try running the following command, with the appropriate paths substituted:

    c:\mymc\mymc c:\pcsx2\memcards\Mcd001.ps2 dir
If you see word "Corrupt" like this:

     BASLUS-20678USAGAS00       Corrupt
     154KB Not Protected
Then you'll need to delete that directory:

    c:\mymc\mymc c:\pcsx2\memcards\Mcd001.ps2 delete BASLUS-20678USAGAS00
You can also start up the PS2 Browser in PCSX2 (run the emulator without an image) see if it shows any corrupt save files. You should be able to delete them there.
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