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can any one help me
i've played chrono cross until the part where ur send back into time to rescue kid. The areas in the burning orphanage does not appear on my computer screen but instead a black screen. I'm like a blind man walking around aimlessly in that quest.
can anyone tell me the solution for this problems
i'm currently using these plugins to play pete'sopenGL 1.52, Pete's Dsound audio driver, pete's cdr asip and 1001 bios

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Originally posted by UncleClive
I think you'll need to enable framebuffer textures (set to 0 or 2 cannot remember) and full vram primitives if you are using Pete's plugin. You should see the flame effect then. :) It may be quite slow though depending on your machine spec.
If it gets too slow, try Pete's Software Plugin to get past this part, in this cases it gives a better performance.

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