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Just in case Squall-Leonhart reads this, (because I know he hates people who can't read or look up stuff on their own) I tried doing the memory card/savestate fix and the game still will throw a hissy fit, and I can't figure out why.


Trying to Save in Valkyrie Profile is having the game flat-out refuse. I can switch cards and it will read them just fine, but it will completely refuse to save to them.

"An error occurred while accessing MEMORY CARD data. Processing interrupted."

Perhaps I'm simply not doing the steps right to try to solve the issue, so here's what I've done.
  1. Created two new cards, called Dummy0 and Dummy1. Opened BIOS so that they could be properly "created."
  2. Created two more new cards. These are with the standard epsxe000 and epsxe001 names. Same deal, Open BIOS so that they are properly created.
  3. Make sure Dummy0 and Dummy1 cards are selected.
  4. Load savestate.
  5. Switch cards from the Dummy ones to the epsxe ones.
  6. Attempt to save. Save still fails.
Am I missing something here? I'm betting that I must be, but according to the steps, I'm doing things properly.

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You may need to use epsxecutor to create some memory cards, format them and use them for Valkyrie profile, its very picky about the state of the memory cards, and will even fully freeze if there are more then 2 FF7 saves on the card.
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