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Can't save state

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Can't save state on Policenauts

Save states don't seem to be working for me.
I read all the topics with similar problems and nothing has worked.

Im using epsxe 1.7, windows xp, pete's gfx plugins.

I tried deleting the sstates folder and making a new one. I created a new epsxe folder in my desktop and started from scratch. I tried all the gfx plugins and I still don't get anything by pressing F1 or F3. Pressing ESC and selecting to save from the menu doesn't do anything either.

No files are created on the sstates folder. I turned on the 'log' option and it says the saves are being made and loaded, but they really aren't.

I recall saves working for me on previous epsxe versions, but not anymore. Anyone have a clue as to what could be happening?
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There's a backslash in the game name for some reason, so the savestate can't be written (the Linux version happily writes "S\SLPS_002.15.000" to my sstates directory).
hmm... is that after its patched?
It's the same.

It's from this line: "BOOT = cdrom:\NAUTS\SLPS_002.15;1"

Creating a directory called "S" under the sstates directory can be used as a workaround.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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