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Im using windows x64, and the right version for it.
I uploaded bios from my ps2, configured plugins.
No matter what game i instert to my drive, it does not work.
Neither from running image.
It load bios okay, then the screen just stays black and it counts frames.

Graphics : GSdx9 (SSE2) 0.8
First controller : PADwinkeybdriver 0.9
CDDVDrom : CDDVDnull Driver 0.6
USB : USBnull driver 0.4
SOUND : P.E.OP.S. SPU2 Dsound Driver 1.2
Second controller : PADwinkeybdriver 0.9
DEV9 : Dev9null Driver 0.3
FireWire : FWnull Driver 0.4
Bios : Europe v01.6

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read the rules

As stated in a ton of previous threads pcsx2 is still a wip, work in progress and has not reached high compatability yet 99% of games do not work and and any games that do work don't run at full speed, anywheres between 1 frame - 25 frames per second. I suggest you read the rules, as I think you might of broke one of them

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TWave said:
Have you tryed the same config ina 32bits PC?
First try and then ask, because maybe is not a problem of PCSX2 only a compatibility problem.
listen to this man, hes right, the plugins you are using are 32bit ONLY, so they wont work in x64.

infact 0.8.1 doesnt have 64bit support afaik
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