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Cant play disk 4 legend of dragoon

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Hi, I finished disk 3 and save mem card, when I change to disk 4 after pop up"Please Wait" it goes white blank screen and then out from epsxe.... does anyone can help..?
oh, I have tried change auto detect to pal and press F4 but, it still cant play disk 4......
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Make sure you use the 7502 bios ! F4 could also be a solution , but it won't help if you restart ePSXe !
i think he inteserted the fourth cd, while epxse was running, so it didn't recognize the cd change.
fokker: can´t you continue from your save entering from cd4 ?
Where Should I press F4 key in disk 3 ???
The game is tell me to save game to change disk, so I saved the game, after the save finish it's goes blank black I tried restart disk 3 and same memory card, Hei........It saved....I choose that, After order to Insert disk 4, I choose iso disk 4...."Please Wait"...........blank white screen than out from epsxe...........
when I tried load that save card with disk 4, it order to insert disk 01........
my configure epsxe :
pete opengl
eternal spu, same with internal spu
my computer : athlon 1.2,geforce 2mx, SB Live!
Hi, I just pass that,not solve that.......What I do is download the save memcard and then play again after beat Llyod, but make me little not satisfied, because level my companion get 60.....but level dragoon only 3 of them get level 4 not as I'm playing.......but it's oke cause I can play disk 04 and I get 2 dragon blaster........
btw I find the save memcard in searching in yahoo with lot of web..
if you post the memcard that you save, maybe any of us can past that part for u
I can't change CDs in epsxe, but when you are saving at the end of a CD, you're really saving at the begining of the next. So, insert the CD4, start epsxe and then choose continue. It won't ask you for the 3rd disc.
thank's for advise, Now I can play in my original save card, I will play after my final exam.......
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