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Can't get music to work

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I have tried all the plugins in the pugins section and not one seemed to work. I get all the sounds,but the music fades in,fades out every one second,and whatever I can hear seems to be going at an extremely slow speed. Plz hlp out.:confused:
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ok well what game is it plus what is your system specs?
Happens in all games...infact this started happening a couple of days ago...before that everything was fine:confused:

I didn't install any new video or sound drivers,so I don't know what caused it. Anyways, will it be fixed if I decrease sound buffer or XA settings?
yeah try changing the sound buffer to a lower value..that should make it play faster
So this problem even happens with the ePSXe corel SPU? strange.
Maybe try enable/disable the SIO IRQ.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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