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I've got the latest Pcsx2, and the GSdx drivers. My specs:

- Intel iCore 7
- GeForce GTX 260
- 19" widescreen
- 6 Gb DDR3
- Vista x64

I can load the game perfectly and fiddle around with cars and
options. But when I try to load a race. The "standings-screen"
doesn't show the trackview in the background and the session
freezes whilst loading the actual race. Some say you have to
change the "progressive scan" in the Screen options, but this
option isnt available ingame. When I open the screen options
only the first three options appear. I've looked everywhere but
no solution could be provided.

I dont know if the progressive scan is the problem. I tried several
options: fiddling with cpu (Guide for Noobs), fiddled with graphics
Dx9 and Dx10 so forth so forth, i must have tried a hundred combi-
nations. Even the patches i tried fiddling with, but to no avail.

Does anyone have a good suggestion?
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