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cant get games to play someone help please

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i have epsxe and resident evil directors cut ISO... i have all the plugins and bios and i load up the ISO and the screen just goes black

whats wrong?
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p3 1ghz
256mb ram
64mb nvidia geforce 4 mx420

ive run psx games before on my computer like 2 years ago.. so i know it works

bio: scph1001
video: petes opengl driver 1.75
sound: eternal spu plugin 1.41
cd: xevens cdr driver 0.93
Post your plugin configurations. Also, please don't double post next time. Use the edit button instead if you need to add something to a previous post.
Does it work from the original CD? If so, try remaking the ISO with something like Alcohol120% or CloneCD.
its probably your c/dvd plugin, try fidiling with settings, those plugins your using should work.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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