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I can't get Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales to work, when I start up the game and get to the save file screen, it says the data is corrupted, I press OK and it then says data could not be written, reset cartridge

I made sure to set the Backup Media type in the Emulation settings, I think i need a working .sav file that the game can read from... anyway, can anyone help me? (I'm using the Free version of No$GBA here... 2.4 or something)

Nevermind, I fixed it, I was using the wrong save type, now i just need help with this:

(oh one more thing, in Myst, I can't get to the Channelwood Age because I cant light the match in the shed, is it different on the DS then in the original computer version?)

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Please, do not use that font color. It's simply unreadable...
As for Myst, it should work the same way. All FAQs on GameFAQs are directly taken from the PC (or PSP) version. You should be able to use the furnace fire to light the match.
EDIT: Oh yes, and next time, post gameplay related questions in the Game/Console board.
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