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I am trying to set up my ps2 gibson SB guitar as an xbox 360 controller using x360ce. When i open world tour it opens as a controller and doesn't register as a guitar.

I was trying to follow this tutorial: ScoreHero :: View topic - Guide - PS2/PS3/Wii/All other guitars to work on GH3 PC
but they mention clicking the "Advanced" tab located next to the general tab. I don't see anything next to general. I see one other forum post that is unanswered from 6 months ago and just need an answer.

On the tutorial they are using an older version. was it patched out and there is some other way?? I just wanna use it for the official game to do band playing because Clone Hero doesn't support singers or drums. I'll include a photo of the other page so you don't have to click the link

Very Frustrating hoping you guys can help and that it is simple. Thank you in advance
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