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Kageshin said:
I have a similar problem to the original poster. My system specs are the following:
1024mb RAM
P4 2.8ghz proc
Mobility Radeon 9000 (this is a laptop)
Windows XP Professional

When I try to run Final Fantasy Tactics from iso (made with ISO Producer) or the original cd, the opening video is extremely laggy (frame and sounds skips a lot). This problem continues on the main screen (wherein one starts the game or continues from mem card). My plugins are as follows (dll files listed where I'm not certain which they actually are):
GPU: gpupetedx6d3d.dll
SPU: spueternal.dll
CD: peops and cdrmooby
BIOS: scph7502.bin

I pretty much used default configuration or the "fast" configuration (where available) on all my plugins.
(I appoligise for duuble posting)

Get Peops soft plugin. and do this:
use the special game fixes for Lunar and capcom games. also use the fix that talks about 1.5.2 These usually help, especially with FF games. ISOs work the best
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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